Contacting PC HQ

The following list of numbers will help you contact the appropriate office at Peace Corps headquarters with various questions. You may use the toll-free number and extension or dial directly using the local numbers provided. Be sure to leave the Peace Corps toll-free number and extensions with your family so they have them in the event of an emergency during your service overseas.

Peace Corps Headquarters Toll-free Number:

                                         800.424.8580, Press 2, then ext. # (see below)

Peace Corps’ Mailing Address:  

                                         Peace Corps
                                         Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Headquarters
                                         1111 20th Street, NW
                                         Washington, DC 20526

For Questions About: Relevant Staff Toll-Free Extension Direct/Local Number
Responding to an Invitation Office of Placement – Africa Region Ext. 1850 202.692.1850
Programming or Country Information Desk Officer – Ext. 2333 202.692.2333
Plane Tickets, Passports, Visas, Other Travel Issues Travel Officer (Sato Travel) Ext. 1170 202.692.1170
Legal Clearance Office of Placement Ext. 1845 202.692.1845
Medical Clearance and Forms Processing (including dental) Screening Nurse Ext. 1500 202.692.1500
Medical Reimbursements Handled by Subcontractor   800.818.8772
Loan Deferments, Taxes, Readjustment Allowance Withdrawals, Power of Attorney Volunteer Financial Operations Ext. 1770 202.692.1770
Staging (Pre-Departure Orientation) and Reporting Instructions Office of Staging Ext. 1865 202.692.1865
Note: You will receive comprehensive information (hotel and flight arrangements) three to five weeks before departure. This information is not available sooner.
Family Emergencies (to get information to a Volunteer overseas) Office of Special Services Ext. 1470 202.692.1470 (24 hours)

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