The Secondary and Upper Primary Education Project (SUPEP) sector creates personal, professional and academic opportunities through teaching English, math and science to learners and teachers. There are two key areas to SUPEP efforts: improved English proficiency and learner-centered teaching techniques for teachers and improved English proficiency, academic success and leadership skills for learners in the classroom or in extracurricular activities. Target achievements for the next five years are as follows:


SUPEP volunteers will engage 450 teachers for mutual reflection on experience to change their teaching practices, discuss teaching in English, increase occasions of co-teaching and co-planning, participate in more informal teacher professional development sessions or more formal professional development events in English (such as conferences, workshops or other professional development sessions) and participate more often or more fully in extracurricular activities for boys and girls in English (clubs, competitions, model U.N.).

SUPEP volunteers will engage 450 teachers so that they employ techniques that permit student choice or classroom trust and respect (such as humor, asking student opinions and establishing classroom rules together); differentiate learning, vary instructional activities that engage different senses (including hands-on learning), increase time in group work or new grouping strategies, increase the ratio of student practice to teacher-fronted instruction, improve the quality of classroom learning activities, adapt and modify lessons more frequently to make them more interactive and/or relevant to student experience and academic needs or reflect more frequently on past teaching experience to make changes to current practice.

SUPEP volunteers will work with 540 teachers to create new classroom materials (which could include posters, handouts or physical objects that support classroom learning), use new or creative resources developed by others or develop new means to track, catalogue or store those resources (such as more or better organized storage areas, improved check out and borrowing systems and new or improved ways of sorting or cataloguing teacher resource materials), utilize library resources to enhance teaching, encouraging learners to access and use library resources and use ICT resources to better track or manage school functions.


SUPEP volunteers and his/her counterpart(s) will support 30,000 learners in English, math or science learning so that learners will show increased achievement in the subjects as determined by pre and post achievement assessment, comparing assessment results between classes where the volunteer worked and classes where he/she did not work or improved grades from one grading period to the next.

SUPEP volunteers and his/her counterpart(s) will support 30,000 learners so that learners participate more actively in classroom interactions and activities, have fewer absences or late arrivals, complete homework more consistently and appropriately, seek additional help on assignments, discuss classes with the teacher outside of class and form new study groups or participate in existing ones more frequently.

SUPEP volunteers and his/her counterpart(s) will create and/or support libraries or ICT resources so that 50,000 learners will be able to better access and use reading materials or electronic resources as the result of the creation or expansion of a school library or computer facility by: establishing a library, procuring additional books for an existing library, improving the library use system, training teachers or learners to staff and catalogue the library, setting up and running a computer center, training learners in computer literacy skills, providing better or more internet access to learners, training computer center staff or initiation instructional activities through mobile phone interaction.

To see volunteer projects click here.

For the Teacher Resource Dropbox, click here.


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