ICT Committee

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Namibian ICT Committee (NIC) is a body of volunteers that communicate year-round to formally provide assistance in the area of Information and Communication Technology to host country nationals and Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs). Members of NIC will meet tri-annually, telephonically or in person, to discuss technological resources and concerns pertaining to PCVs in Namibia and maintain the ongoing projects developed by NIC. Members will also discuss the level of resources and technical skills for host country nationals and how PCVs, in particular NIC, may better serve them. The goal of NIC is to enhance volunteer work efficiency and provide a strong foundation specialized in ICT for PCVs and host country nationals in Namibia.

Aspirations and Goals

  • Provide sustainable and effective specialized support in the area of ICT.
  • Maintain a trained group of PCVs knowledgeable in ICT.
  • Serve as an effective informational resource for PCVs and their sites to meet the growing and changing demands in the area of ICT.
  • Act as technical project consultants for PCVs and counterparts.
  • Assist in Peace Corps Namibia training events.
  • Aid in the communication between PC Staff and PCVs.
  • Establish and maintain a PC-Namibia website to connect and support PCVs, RPCVs, family and friends, etc. and further PC Namibia’s effort toward Peace Corps’ Third Goal.
  • Reduce redundancy and complexity in utilizing and accessing Peace Corps resources by providing a central point of access.

You’ll be able to stay in touch with volunteers via various Facebook and Google Groups. Here is a list of some of the groups the NIC sets up:

Facebook Groups:
Peace Corps Namibia (for all past and present Nam PCVs)
Peace Corps Namibia – Group X (specifically for the group number of which you are a part)
PC Namibia SUPEP Technical Group (for teacher PCV)
PC Namibia CHHAP Technical Group (for health PCVs)
PC Namibia SEED Technical Group (SEED – now CED – for business PCVs)
NOVA – Namibia Ornithological Volunteers Association (for anyone interested in the awesome birds here in Namibia)

Google Groups:
PCNamAll – for all past and present Nam PCVs
PCNamX – for specific groups


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